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We are a publishing company and this is our online media store. You will find apps, books, handouts, PDFs, and online assessments in three areas.

Whether you do coaching, counseling, facilitating, leading, mentoring, sales or training, we have high-quality tools for you.

We focus on the 16 Personality Types (well known by the 4-letter codes such as INFP, ESTJ, etc). We also support the 4 Temperaments, 4 Interaction Styles, and 8 Jungian Cognitive Processes.

These models of discovery and empowerment help improve your work with your clients. When these tools are used in a professional and ethical way, they help positively transform people and organizations.

The practice of social science is transforming to include complexity theory, often referred to as "systems", "chaos", "interconnectedness" and so forth.

There are many qualitative and quantitative ways to "think systems" including: meme diffusion, principle finding, iterative networks, behavioral economics, multi-agency, and cultural theory.

Instead of relying on guess-work and wishful thinking, research and analysis using multiple tools promotes deep understanding of social, cultural, and organizational phenomena.


You will find rich, well-illustrated, and mechanically-sound game materials for use with your d20 System game.

These supplements slip into Pathfinder™ (by Paizo Ltd) and game systems by Hasbro's Wizards of the Coast.

We focus on game books that provide plentiful flavor (as well as mechanics) using fiction, graphics, and in-game text. Take your adventures beyond "win" to enjoy new meaning, life, and excitment!

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